Alaska 2017

Below is the journal for our trip to Alaska in June of 2017. We traveled with Ken's mom Marilyn and Ken's brother Mark. Marilyn and Mark drove from Wisconsin to meet us in the Twin Cities, and we flew into Fairbanks and out of Anchorage on direct Delta flights from MSP.

We spent several days in Fairbanks, then took the train to Denali. We spent a few days in Denali, mainly to take a long bus-ride into the interior of the park, and then took a train down to Anchorage. We rented a car in Anchorage so we could see the surrounding area, and then eventually drove down to Seward to spend the remainder of the trip on the Kenai Peninsula.

The journal is broken up into several different sections to make it more manageable.

  • Pre-Trip - The few days before leaving for Alaska
  • Fairbanks - Fairbanks and surrounding areas
  • Denali - Denali National Park
  • Anchorage - Anchorage and surrounding areas
  • Kenai - The Kenai Peninsula, including Seward and Whittier
  • Post-Trip - The few days after returning from Alaska

We've tried to make the journal entries as compact as possible while still telling you some of the interesting things that happened each day. Hopefully, we've struck the right balance.

If you'd like to look through the pictures we took while on our trip, you can check out the gallery. The gallery includes all of our pictures (split out like the journal pages above), but there's also a smaller overview section that shows highlights from the trip.