Bike Touring

I've been riding seriously since 2005, and I've often thought that it might be fun to do some bike touring. While credit card touring (i.e. hotel stays) and organized rides like Bike Wisconsin or the MS 150 sound like fun, what I've really wanted to do is some multi-day, self-sufficient, loaded touring where I carry all of my own gear and camp each night.

After our backpacking trip to Grand Canyon in 2009, it occurred to me that I now have most of the lightweight camping gear that I would need to bike tour instead of backpacking. In early 2010, I started to plan a tour, but eventually gave up on it.

There were several reasons I gave up. The first was that I didn't have as much time to prepare as I had hoped I would. I found that preparing for this took a lot more effort than training for my Grand Canyon trip. Second, the extra weight really killed me on the big hills. I could handle it, but I was really, really slow. That made for some exceptionally long and frustrating days when I chose a hilly training route. Finally, I just wasn't having fun on my bike any more. In the end, I decided that there wasn't any point in spending a week of vacation time by myself if I wasn't going to enjoy it. Perhaps I'll try it again in the future when I am in better condition and I have more time to train.

In any case, I did compile some notes and I am going to leave them up here on the web site in case they're useful to anyone else.